Friends of the London Public Library


On behalf of the Friends Executive, we hope this finds all of you safe and well. We continue to monitor and to act on developments in regard to COVID-19. To this end and due to the dedication of the Board, we continue to meet monthly by Zoom to take care of business and to plan for the future. Thus, we were able to hold a drive-by book sale, with all protocols adhered to, offer the Book for Every Child campaign, continue receiving memberships, pick up book donations, and continue to improve and update our website.

While much has changed, our commitment to supporting our London Public Library has not and in February 2021 we were able to donate $75,000.00 to support the Library’s initiatives to eliminate barriers and improve inclusion through access to Library programs and services for vulnerable individuals and communities.

My thanks to the Friends Executive for their work and dedication during the pandemic and thank you, our members, for your continuing support.

Stay well and safe.

Carmen Spovieri,


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was to be held in January but, due to the pandemic, it was not possible, and we decided to postpone. Thanks to Deb Lowry and Connie Sullivan who researched the legalities surrounding the timing of an AGM during the pandemic and found that it is possible to postpone without a change to the Friends Constitution. It was decided an in-person meeting or Zoom meeting will be held at a future date. We thank the current Executive who have agreed to continue in their respective positions as long as required.